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Benches are the perfect solution to any indoor or outdoor seating arrangement due to such unique functionality and complementary design effect. So what better to complement your bench than a custom bench cushion? From classic to contemporary and functional to decorative, benches seem to enhance an overall seating area with visual interest while creating the perfect ambiance for a functioning and livable space. There are many kinds of benches to choose from and with each bench comes varying degrees of styles and sizes. A bench can easily be used as a multipurpose seating alternative in a foyer or entrance way, mudroom, bedroom, dining area, or the outdoor patio. Whichever your bench application involves, you will certainly want to invest in a more comfortable seating approach with the addition of a bench cushion.

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Cushio is a well-known industry leader for producing custom bench cushions that are made to your exact specifications. Over the years we have manufactured hundreds of indoor bench cushions and outdoor bench cushions, and because of this, we understand the significant factors associated with producing such a flawless product. With each bench cushion order that is received, we work persistently and with the resolve needed to complete your order accurately and on schedule.

Custom Cushions. Made Simple.

Cushio turns ordering online into a fast and easy system because you are simply in control of the selection and design processes. You have a choice of selecting from hundreds of diverse fabrics (based on indoor or outdoor design applications) in the color, pattern, and material that you choose to create your very own custom bench cushion. When placing your order you will be prompted to input the preferred dimensions and will be given the opportunity to indicate your preference of additional options.

    Bench Cushion Product Options:
  • Indoor or Outdoor Fabrics
  • Cushion Shape (rectangular or custom)
  • Custom Dimensions (width x depth x cushion thickness)
  • Knife or Box Edge Design
  • Rounded or Squared Front and Back Corners
  • Corded Edge or No Corded Edge
  • Cumulus Filling for Outdoor Cushions
  • Foam Filling for Indoor Cushions
  • Fabric Ties or No Fabric Ties

Indoor Bench Cushion Information

We offer many outstanding choices when it comes to our selection of indoor bench cushion fabrics, including the Robert Allen Collection of fine fabrics. Searching our vast fabric collection is simple and can be narrowed by sorting per brand, color, patterns or price range. One major concern when seeking an indoor bench cushion fabric is the amount of sunlight that the cushion may be subjected to, of course, if located indoors close to a window or other source of bright outdoor light. This should be considered during fabric selection so that the proper fabric is chosen for such situations to prevent subsequent pattern or color fading. A recent addition of the High Point Collection by Sunbrella would be a perfect solution for such a circumstance, as these high-end fabrics are beautiful (and tough) enough for indoor applications.

Cushio uses top-quality foam inserts that are manufactured by Prestige Fabricators and marketed under the trademarked name "Bio Comfort." These inserts are an excellent choice for indoor bench cushions based on high ranking foam density and foam firmness qualities. As an alternative, however, the cumulus brand "CumuPlush" polyfiber cushion filler can also be chosen as your indoor bench cushion insert even though it is ideal for outdoor bench cushions. Although mainly designed for outdoor use, the CumuPlush filler easily drains, releases moisture, and resists mildew.

Outdoor Bench Cushion Information

When looking for outdoor bench cushions, we understand that you want a product that will stand up to even the harshest weather extremes. Our outdoor cushions are made from outdoor fabrics designed to handle these tough conditions. The CumuPlush polyfiber cushion filler is the ideal choice for outdoor bench cushions because of the tendency to easily drain, dry out quickly, and therefore resisting the unwanted growth of mildew.

Of course, when designing your outdoor bench cushion the choice of outdoor fabric will be up to you; however, our Sunbrella line of exceptional fabrics are a top choice for outdoor applications because these fabrics are 100% solution-dyed acrylic that result in long-lasting, fade-free and stain resistant cushions. Cushio also offers coordinating custom bolster pillows and throw pillows, and we also have an adequate selection of popular indoor or outdoor benches.

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