Sunbrella 5621-0000 Brannon Whisper Bench Cushion

Sunbrella Brannon Whisper Bench Cushion
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Cushion Width
Measure the width of the cushion at the widest point as the left to right measurement when standing in front of the furniture where the cushion will be placed. We accept whole, half, and quarter-inch (.25 or .75) increments only. (Cushions more than 52" wide may show one or more visible seams in the cushion fabric when choosing a vertically directional fabric.) A zipper will be placed along the width of the cushion.

Cushion Depth
Measure the depth of the cushion at the deepest point as the front to back measurement when standing in front of the furniture where the cushion will be placed. We accept whole, half, and quarter-inch (.25 or .75) increments only.

3 inches (Most Popular)

Thickness is a matter of personal taste, but there are a few things to consider:
- Our most popular thickness is 3 inches.
- As a general rule, the thicker the cushion, the longer the cushion will provide comfortable support.
- Some fill types are not available for all thicknesses.


Box Edge
Boxed Edge Cushion Cushion will have a seam around the top and bottom edges and is available in a broader range of thicknesses.

CumuPlush (Indoor/Outdoor)
Custom Outdoor Cushion CumuPlush fill is a special layered blend of dry conjugate fiber and densified polyfiber designed to not retain water and resist mildew. This filling is recommended for outdoor applications and may also be used indoors. More Info
*Thickness measurements are taken seam to seam. The loft on each side of your cushion could be up to 1" greater than your specified thickness, as the insert's thickness is slightly larger, making sure you get that taut, filled effect.
Foam + Top Batting (Indoor)
Foam with Batting Foam fill is recommended for indoor or protected outdoor applications since water may be retained in the foam cushion for longer periods of time. A thin layer of batting is added to the top of the foam for extra comfort and to better shape the cushion. More Info

All Squared
Custom Bench Cushion All 4 corners are squared.

No Ties
Square Cushion No Ties No Ties
Double Ties
Square Cushion With Back Ties Ties on 2 Back Corners (Ties are sewn into the back seam of the cushion. Each fabric tie is 12 to 14 inches in length.)
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Thickness more details
3 inches (Most Popular)
Sunbrella Brannon Whisper (5621-0000)
Sunbrella Brannon Whisper (5621-0000)

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Product Overview

Our MADE IN THE USA Sunbrella Brannon Whisper Bench Cushions are custom made to your specified dimensions. Filled with either foam (indoor use) or CumuPlush (outdoor use), your custom Sunbrella bench cushion will surpass your expectations in both comfort and craftsmanship. A smooth edge creates crisp corners and edges on the finished cushion, which will be shipped to your doorstep within 15 working days. Whether you are shopping for a bench cushion for your home, backyard or office, the Cushio customer service team will be glad to assist you with how to measure, fabric samples or design ideas. Your finished bench cushion will be within 1/2" of your provided dimensions.

Sunbrella fabrics are manufactured with longevity in mind! Sunbrella furniture grade fabric has a lifespan two to ten times longer than conventional fabrics and carries a 5-year limited warranty. The environmental impact of producing a cotton canvas fabric must be multiplied many times over to compare it with Sunbrella's proven extended longevity.

Product Specifications
Approximate Shipping Weight: 8.00 pounds
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